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Assembly, Push Handle, IV, LH
Part #: 15985607S
List Price: C$338.84
Weldment, Mount, Patient Helper
List Price: C$527.13
Push Handle Assembly, LH, Ptm
Part #: 15985601S
List Price: C$302.50
Push Handle Assembly, RH, Ptm
Part #: 15985602S
List Price: C$301.69
Pendant Control Assembly
Part #: P3618B
Replaces Part #:  P3618


List Price: C$481.93
Communication Housing Assembly
List Price: C$237.24
Load Beam, OIML
Part #: 18120502
List Price: C$576.24
P636 Over Bed Table HPL Top Service Tray
List Price: C$367.32
Load Beam, Short Cable
Part #: 18120503
List Price: C$487.14
Assembly, Push Handle, RH
Part #: 17896602
List Price: C$466.01
English Graphical Care Interface Assembly
Part #: 4714711S
Replaces Part #:  4714711RTG, 4714711RTGS
List Price: C$925.38
Assembly, Siderail, Head, RH
List Price: C$1,107.62
Plumbing Assembly, Low Air Loss
List Price: C$153.35
Assembly, Push Handle, LH
Part #: 17896601
List Price: C$465.99
Siderail Center Arm Assembly, Painted
List Price: C$446.68
Insulation, Blower Assembly Bottom
List Price: C$3.18
Assembly, Push Handle, no IV, RH
List Price: C$287.79
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