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Pod, VersaCare Siderail, Back
List Price: C$6.94
Motor Controller
Part #: 146836
List Price: C$922.15
Pneumatic Box Assembly, 8S, Wc
List Price: C$1,326.71
Part #: 901002610
List Price: C$25.89
Solicon Air Tube Set Air Elite
List Price: C$107.11
Basin Wireform RH
Part #: 6837602
List Price: C$49.59
Weldment, Acc Rail, Line Mgmt
List Price: C$32.88
Weldment, Width Ext, Thigh, LH
List Price: C$284.17
Weldment, Width Ext, Seat
Part #: 174315S
List Price: C$176.73
Weldment, Width Ext, Thigh, RH
List Price: C$288.06
Neutral Detent Assembly
Part #: 146276
List Price: C$435.30
Wide IV Pole
Part #: M00686S
List Price: C$461.28
Wiper, Moving Foot, Side
List Price: C$4.42
Permanent Infusion Support Module
List Price: C$352.32
Handle, Push, IV, RH
Part #: 14454101
List Price: C$723.80
Assembly, Headboard
Part #: 167662
List Price: C$614.40
Assembly, Spring Guide Foot
List Price: C$10.89
Head Load Beam Wide Assembly
Part #: 14470601S
List Price: C$773.65
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