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Scale Display, w/PPM, RH
Part #: 152104
List Price: C$362.76
PCB Assembly, CA, Sidecomm Z 92 Purch
List Price: C$441.47
Scale Display, CA, w/PPM Only, LH
List Price: C$561.58
CareAssist Scale PCB, Scale ONLY, 400lb
List Price: C$653.28
PCB Assembly, Lt Caregiver Sig Cond
List Price: C$164.10
PCB Assembly, CA, PPM Only, 500lb
List Price: C$666.10
Left Pod w/Scale and 3 Mode PPM
List Price: C$652.75
Scale Display, CA, Scale Only, LH
List Price: C$435.13
Right Pod w/Scale and 3 Mode PPM
List Price: C$643.70
Scale Display, CA, w/PPM Only, RH
List Price: C$405.18
CareAssist PCB Assembly, PPM ONLY, 400lb
List Price: C$564.81
Scale Display w/PPM + Nav, LH
List Price: C$403.98
Standoff, Rnd, Snap/Snap, 2.54, 6.4
List Price: C$0.72
PCB Assembly, Rt Caregiver Sig Cond
List Price: C$158.32
PCB Assembly, CA, Scale Only, 500lb
List Price: C$560.12
CareAssist Scale Board, 400lb w/PPM & Scale
List Price: C$712.10
Support, Siderail PCB
Part #: 72581
List Price: C$9.85
Right Pod w/Scale and PPM, out of Bed only
List Price: C$859.02
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